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ORS optimization software makes use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics to deliver immediate savings INCREASED REVENUE AND CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE

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RAMS solves millions of equations and constraints in seconds

We steer global supply chains, allocate trillions in FINANCIAL assets and forecast energy distribution to millions of households.


Success stories from our clients

RTI - Retail Traffic Intelligence (IoT solution)

Our RTI solution helps retailer managers closing the analytics gap between online and brick-and-mortar business.

Collecting traffic data (counting people outside and inside a store), recognizing key demographics (sex, age groups) and measuring quality of service & "heat zones" thanks to Taggalo's innovative plug & play, 3-in-1 (video analysis, wifi-tracking, beacon) IoT device.

Improving retail operations and sales with the help of ORS' powerful solutions for staff and assortment planning, stochastic dynamic pricing, inventory optimization and many others.


  • Real-time video analysis

  • Plug & Play sensor device

  • Store and window traffic analytics

  • Real-time dashboard (real-time store analytics, detailed customer profiling)


  • Store performance optimization: Improvements up to 15%

  • Predictive analytics of broad scope of retail related business questions

  • Store KPI´s become measurable through “Retail Traffic Dashboard”

RAISE - the SCM optimizer

Discover how ORS RAISE software solution is optimizing the global supply chain at a leading eyewear company and saving € 150M every year.

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RTI - Retail Traffic Intelligence (IoT solution)

Watch ORS Retail Traffic Intelligence (RTI) solution created around Taggalo's cutting-edge IoT sensor technology. 

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Smart labeling with algorithms & robotics

Watch and read how ORS created together with Politecnico of Turin the first smart labeling robotic machine to help a global fashion company dynamically adjusting just-in-time price labels of apparel inventories.

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Smart Scheduling 4.0

ORS solution for cutting average production time thanks to optimal lot-sizing and sequencing, efficient robotic production and real-time dynamic adjustments at a tyre manufacturing company.

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